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Todd's Music and Sound

At Todd's Music & Sound, we are continuing the legacy and sentimentality of the homegrown guitar and amp shop while broadening our services to help accommodate the diverse array of sonic entertainment.

Sound System Assistance

Need a rental sound system for a wedding or other event? Need an experienced professional to help you set up a new sound system?
Todd's Music can now provide both!

Call us at (406) 771-1314 and ask for Jason to get more information or a quote!

Instrument Rentals

Partnering with Eckroth, here at Todd's Music we provide rent-to-own and lease instruments for students of all ages; both band and orchestral! Stop by our location to fill out the neccessary paperwork and take the instrument home today!

For Band Students

You make low payments until your balance is paid in full. If your student decides to play a different band instrument or step-up to an intermediate instrument, we make it easy. We will give you 100% of the first 12 payments you have made to exchange or step-up! You can return at anytime with no further obligation.

For String Students

You make low payments until you are ready to exchange to the next instrument size or step-up to an intermediate instrument. You get to take 100% of the payments you've made when you exchange or step-up (100% of payments made up to 1/2 of the price of the intermediate instrument). You can return at anytime with no further obligation.

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