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Questions? Call us! (406) 771-1314
Questions? Call (406) 771-1314
Welcome to the Bands in Need Page!
ind Your Crew in the Lists Below
Welcome to the Bands in Need page! We have created the following forms to help you find the perfect crew! Submit your information in the appropriate form and we will post your name and contact information in the appropriate list; there is a form for Musicians in Need as well as Bands in Need.

This website is public. After submitting a form, any information or answers that you provide will be available to ALL musicians and viewers who come across this page.
The more information you can provide, the more helpful we can be! However, not all questions are required. Any required questions are marked with this symbol *You are NOT required to provide a last name.

If you wish to have your information removed, there is a Request to Remove Information form. Answer the following questions with the same answers you provided in the original form, and we will remove your information in approximately 4-5 business days. This form will also include an optional text box where you can give us feedback. We are always looking forward to new ways that we can assist our customers, and if you have any recommendations we would love to hear it!

Profanities will be censored.
Musicians in Need
Name: Kelly

Contact Info:

What Instrument(s)?: All

What Genre?: All

How Long Have You Played?:

Long Description: Wilderness Bar Lincoln, Mt 
Name: Ron white

Contact Info: 40620201946

What Instrument(s)?: Drums/vocals

What Genre?: Classic rock/country

How Long Have You Played?: 40 plus years

Long Description: Iam available to help or join a country or a rock band.I have great gear mics lights and pa if need to bring..Iam also a lead singer and harmony singer.👍
Name: Billy Stalford

Contact Info: 4064024111

What Instrument(s)?:
Drums , bass

What Genre?:
Black Doom Metal

How Long Have You Played?:

Long Description:
Looking for the musicians who have always been told that “ thats too heavy or dark or sick , too loud too fast !! If you are familiar with that situation then you should be ******* **** up with me ! I play guitar drop c , b , d , 7 strings 6 strings and also do vocals would be great if could find another person to help with vocals. Very important influences of mine : cannibal corpse “the bleeding “ album - guitar tones palm muting and brutalness of the bass and guitars! Neurosis - Locust Star Gwar - everything Emperor Cradle of filth We can see what happens- could reform Black Jesus Vomit or start fresh
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Bands in Need
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