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Ibanez SR AS7 Bass Workshop 7-String Electric Bass w/Case - Cosmic Blue Starburst


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Development of this bass started from one simple question; Can we create both fretted and fretless-sound on one bass? The SRAS Ashula is the simple solution from Ibanez. With its unique construction, both the fretted and fretless parts are on one neck, enabling solid tone, chord work, smooth playing, sensitive voicing, and so on. Why not go hybrid? The Ashula expands the possibilities of the bass guitar in ways you have never experienced. - Bass Workshop - For more than 40 years, Ibanez has pioneered new frontiers in bass development, pushing the boundaries of conventional designs to bass players of all styles, affording new avenues of expression and creativity. This spirit of exploration has led to the creation of some of the most successful and popular production basses of all time. Following this same drive to bring new and relevant ideas to the musical forefront is what serves as the basis for this ongoing project, dubbed the Ibanez Bass Workshop. The impetus behind each one of these unique instruments comes from a desire by the Ibanez bass development team to satisfy the particular needs of many players. These inventions may not be for everyone, but for those who yearn to explore new sonic vistas through the medium of bass: The Ibanez Bass Workshop project may give you just what you're looking for.

****Product Features****
- 7pc Maple/Walnut/Bubinga neck The 7pc Maple/Walnut/Bubinga neck is extremely stable. It transmits the string vibration to the body well and stays in tune when played with firm intonation
- Indian Rosewood (Fretted part)/ Bubinga (Fretless part) fretboard Rosewood fretboard provides a well-balanced solid tone with a focused mid range. Bubinga fretboard offers tight-low and edgy-mid sound.
- Medium frets Medium sized frets enhance the accuracy of your notes.
- Poplar Burl / Ash top / Okoume body A stunning Poplar Burl/Ash top with an Okoume body provides bright and solid tones with rich sustain.
- SRAS Super J / AeroSilk piezo pickups The SRAS Super J pickups provide a clear, bright and rich dynamic tone. AeroSilk piezo pickup enhances an acoustic and wooden sound of similar to an upright bass.
- Ibanez 2-band EQ w/Piezo active tone control The EQ section incorporates the controls of the magnetic pickup(s) with the AeroSilk Piezo system. Controls include a Master volume, bass and treble controls for the pickup(s) and a Master volume and a tone control for the Piezo system.
- MR5(Fretted)/ AeroSilk MR5(Fretless) bridge The Mono-Rail V is the ultimate bridge for bass string isolation. Each bridge is independently and securely locked down to the body for maximum vibration transfer without interference. The AeroSilk MR5 bridge has unique saddles which were specifically-designed to work in concert with the piezo pickups, enhancing the acoustic Upright quality of the tone.
- Piezo/Mix/Magnetic 3-way pickup selector Various tonal possibilities provided by the 3-way selection of pickup options magnetic, piezo or a mix of both will inspire your musical creativity and curiosity. - Hardshell case included Ibanez Hardshell case gives extreme protection for your beloved instrument. ****Special Features****
- Detachable 2way finger rest which offers multiple thumb positions The detachable finger rest offers two options; placing your thumb near the fretboard outline or in an upper location.